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LeFranc Chiropractic in Sandy Springs offers a full range of chiropractic and holistic wellness services. We stay current with the latest advances in our field so that we can better serve our patients. However, there are two main services that make up the backbone of our practice: spinal adjustment and therapeutic massage. We also offer cryotherapy, spinal decompression, and more, but spinal adjustment and therapeutic massage are our bread and butter. Read on to learn more.

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment

Spinal adjustment is probably what chiropractors are best known for, and it is what chiropractic training focuses on.  Dr. LeFranc has a great deal of experience performing spinal adjustments on patients with neck and back pain. Whether your pain is chronic or due to a traumatic incident like a car accident, spinal adjustment may offer you some relief. Dr. LeFranc can examine your spine to see how badly out of alignment it is and where exactly it is out of alignment. He can then manually adjust your spine in order to reduce the pain you're feeling.

Therapeutic Massage

If you've visited a chiropractor before, you're probably familiar with the therapeutic massage services that many chiropractors offer. Therapeutic massage from a chiropractor is markedly different than a massage from a masseuse. Chiropractors have special training and experience that allows them to provide relief for pain with their massage techniques. While spinal adjustment is vital for pain associated with the vertebrae, therapeutic massage at our practice can help with muscle pain. Many people who are having troubling back and neck pain get both therapeutic massage and spinal adjustment in order to get the maximum relief possible from their pain. 

Contact Us for an Appointment with Our Chiropractor

Here at LeFranc Chiropractic in Sandy Springs, we offer the latest and most effective chiropractic and holistic treatments. We have a great deal of experience providing therapeutic massage and spinal adjustment to our patients. Of course, we also offer other treatments like resistance training and spinal decompression in order to fully service our patients, no matter what sort of problems they may be having. You can make an appointment by calling us during our business hours or by reaching out through our website. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have and to make an appointment that works with your schedule. Contact us today. Our number is 404-990-4678.


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