Computer ergonomics is a study of how your workstation is designed and how to improve its effect on your health. Sitting at a desk all day at work causes upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, injuries to the legs, arms, and hands. Ergonomics is not only about design but learning how to sit properly, taking breaks, and moving correctly to prevent strains and pulled muscles.

Lefranc Chiropractic in Sandy Springs will work with patients with work injuries and teach them how to sit, stand, and exercise when at work to prevent injuries. We do not just treat patients we teach them skills to maintain good health. We take referrals from primary care doctors for work injuries or accidents. We serve Sandy Springs and surrounding towns and cities.

Tips For Working At Your Workstation or Desk

Instead of using a phone use a headset it is easier on your neck and reduces neck pain. Your feet should reach the floor, your back should be straight, and have a chair that supports the back. Arms and elbows should be at about 90 degrees and supported by arm rests on the chair. Position the computer monitor to be level with your eyes and use a mouse and keyboard that is comfortable and easy to use. When your feet do not reach the floor, use a foot stool or rest. Take frequent breaks for five minutes or more. Get up and stand, walk around your station, go get a cup of coffee, and stretch.

Take your hands off the keyboard for a few seconds every half hour. Every hour, take a short break get up and stretch and walk around your space. Go get some water from the water cooler or break room. Water is better than too much coffee. When sitting at the desk try neck rotations, chin tucks, shoulder squeezes, stretching, relaxing and rotating your arms, moving your fingers and toes and looking away from the computer. Our chiropractor will design specific exercises that you can do at work and home when you come in for treatment for an injury, pain, or improve your work health.

When moving a mouse use your whole arm instead of just the hand and wrists. Take your hand off the mouse several times every hour. When typing relax your hands and take your hand off the keyboard and move your fingers and clench and unclench your fist. These are some tips to improve your workspace.

Computer Ergonomic Therapy in Sandy Springs

LeFranc Chiropractic offers many different therapies that promote good posture and health for patients that work at a computer or desk all day. We specialize in chiropractic care and spinal adjustment and our chiropractor is trained in many specialized techniques. Spinal adjustments reduce pain in the back and improve mobility. It is used for work injuries, poor posture, and accidents. We have special equipment to perform chiropractic adjustments like special tables and medical gadgets. We often use hot packs to reduce pain after chiropractic care.

Our chiropractor will choose a corrective exercise you can do at work and home to stretch and increase mobility. We have massage therapy that reduces stress, relaxes muscles, and reduces pain. It improves blood circulation too. We often combine therapies to help patients maintain their health at work.


Contact us about workplace ergonomics or injuries by filling out the online form or calling our office for an appointment at (404) 990-4678. We will help you improve your work environment and help treat your pain or injury.