Posture is something that’s often ignored until there’s a major problem like back pain. Your posture habits may feel deeply ingrained right now, but that’s just because you haven’t yet experienced life without posture-related pain. Lefranc Chiropractic in Sandy Springs, Georgia, offers general posture correction as well as customized care for conditions like scoliosis.

Posture Q & A

Does posture really matter?

You always hear that posture is important, but you may question whether it’s really something you should worry about. The answer is that yes, in fact, good posture is the key component in your overall health and wellness!

Good posture helps you maintain optimal spinal alignment. Since your brain and spinal cord work together to control all of your nervous system functions, good spinal health is crucial for nearly anything you do.

When you slouch, hunch over, or have other poor postural habits, it puts tremendous strain on your spine. When your spine is strained, alignment suffers, and soon this has body-wide results including pain, restricted range-of-motion, and other problems.

What is proper posture?

Proper posture includes several key things.

  • Keep your weight mainly on the front of your feet, not your heels
  • Keep your feet apart, ideally a shoulder-span apart
  • Hold your shoulders slightly backward
  • Push your chest out slightly
  • Keep your tummy tucked in

Good posture habits can take some time to develop, but your Lefranc Chiropractic care provider can help you identify where you previously went wrong with posture so you can make the necessary changes.

How can the chiropractor help with posture?

First, your chiropractor will analyze your posture to see your current issues. In most cases, patients who have poor posture also have significant spinal misalignment.

Your chiropractor performs careful spinal manipulations to shift your spine to the proper position. Usually, this is a gradual change, especially if your spine is severely misaligned or if you’re dealing with a condition like scoliosis.

Your chiropractor at Lefranc Chiropractic will also review good posture habits with you, and then help you practice correct posture. Often, posture correction includes prescribed posture exercises, which you’ll do at home daily.

Prescribed exercises strengthen your spine’s support system, the core muscles. With a stronger core, you’re less likely to have pain and also reduce your chance of injury. You may also notice that your stamina improves and that you feel better overall. It’s the benefit of a balanced nervous system!

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