After an auto accident, soft tissue damage like whiplash is very likely, and the neck pain and other symptoms can be very hard to cope with — unless you get treatment. At Lefranc Chiropractic in Sandy Springs, Georgia, a skilled chiropractic caregiver provides auto accident care that focuses on both short-term relief and long-term wellness.

Auto Accident Q & A

Why does my neck hurt after an auto accident?

Whiplash is one of the most common auto accident injuries. Whiplash happens because of the sharp neck motion that you make during the auto collision. For a brief time, your skull and neck vertebrae separate. Although your skull and vertebrae quickly move back down, they’re often not in the right position when they do so. Misalignment leads to severe pain in many cases.

Your muscles and other soft tissues, including your tendons and ligaments, are also strained in an auto collision. This can all lead to the major neck, shoulder, and head pain that’s typically grouped together as whiplash.

When should I see the chiropractor after my auto accident?

As quickly as possible. Even though you probably got emergency care at the time of the accident, you still need help with full healing and pain relief. Your chiropractor performs a comprehensive exam to find the pain source and then prescribes a treatment plan to help you heal in that area.

The more quickly that you start your chiropractic care, the sooner that you’ll be pain-free again. If you try to ignore an injury like whiplash, it may grow worse and worse over time. Don’t risk a long-term disability by ignoring your symptoms.

How are auto accident injuries treated?

Your treatment depends on what kind of symptoms you’re dealing with. Your Lefranc Chiropractic care team works together to address all of your symptoms so you can regain your health fully.

Treatment typically centers on noninvasive chiropractic adjustments, during which your chiropractor gently manipulates your spine to create optimal nervous system balance and function. If you need non-surgical spinal decompression due to disc problems like a herniated disc, your chiropractor customizes that treatment as well.

To help you heal faster and more efficiently, you’ll also have noninvasive physiotherapy treatments, such as:

  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Cryotherapy
  • Heat therapy (hot packs)
  • Ultrasound therapy

Your chiropractic care team designs your auto accident recovery plan with an end-goal of you feeling back to your old pre-accident self. In most cases, this is entirely possible as long as you work closely with your chiropractor to focus on your long-term wellness after the accident.

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