How to increase your health potential!

Hello everyone! I am very excited to present to you some potentially life-changing health information. You might consider this information a guide to improving your health potential and longevity. I am not afraid to raise eyebrows here in this discussion, although my sole purpose is to educate and in turn become more educated. The clear and simple truth is that we have all been, and continue to be misled in our schools, by the media and through political agendas on what is optimally healthy for us. Examining the overall deterioration of health in our great country, I feel compelled to get involved. Remember, we spend more on healthcare than any other country on the planet...yet we are among the sickest. Like most of us, I have not always been a health conscious person. In the past, I regularly ate poor quality foods, avoided exercise, indulged in unhealthy activities, kept irregular sleep patterns and was controlled by an unfavorable ego. After decades of this behavior, my body began begging me to make changes. How does the body communicate this? Through symptoms like fatigue, aches and pains, gastrointestinal issues, skin disorders, loss of coordination, poor memory and the list goes on... After finally becoming fed up with how I felt, I decided to take control and adopt the life code of "constant and never-ending improvement". Slowly after taking a stand, my life began to change. Please keep in mind that personal transformations do take time and effort so I urge all of you to be forgiving, kind and gentle to yourselves as you move forward. Also, remember that self-care is not selfish it's essential! Within the following blogs, I will be giving you the basic knowledge and tools that I currently use. "How to increase your health potential" will be broken down into five categories. They are... 
1. Nutrition, 2. Exercise, 3. Sleep, 4. Calm Mind, 5. Brain-Body Connection. In my next post, I will begin covering some basic rules to adopt concerning diet and nutrition. Thanks for reading and please stay tuned.
Andrew J. Lefranc, DC: Posted on Friday, October 16, 2015, 2:03 PM
Hello everyone! In today's post, I would like to begin creating a shift in regards to our ideas on Nutrition! Did you know that there are exceptions to the rule of “you are what you eat”? Most of you, I assume are aware of food calories. I often hear my patients and family members talk about "calorie counting" as many of them are on calorie counting diets. The simple idea is that calories consumed in a day, versus the calories burned in that same day, are directly related to our body’s fat storage or body mass index. I am here to say that this idea is outdated, mostly wrong and here’s why. We know that a thickly cut piece of bacon has about 65 calories in it. We also know that a typical slice of bread has 65 calories too. Now let's perform 2 hypothetical experiments. In the first experiment, we have a human subject consume only bacon for one month and avoid all exercise. This one-month regimen will consist of eating a slice of bacon every 15 minutes for 12 hours a day. Each day this person will be consuming approximately 3120 calories and again this is done for 1 month. As a side note, this is twice the recommended daily amount of calories for a man of my height and age. After a month, would this person's body mass index or "fat storage" be more or less than when they started? Now, what if we performed this same experiment with the same subject but used bread instead. One slice of bread every 15 minutes for 12 hours a day with no exercise. Again that's 3120 calories every day for a month. At the end of the month would this person’s body mass index or "fat storage" be more or less? The results surprisingly would be that with consuming bacon, the person would begin losing their fat storage and become leaner. Consuming bread would have the opposite effect and the person would gain fat storage. So, here's our first nutrition rule..."Different types of food have different effects on our body’s fat storage system which is not dependent on the number of calories they contain". I only use the bacon and bread experiment as an example only. Neither would be healthy for you to try, unfortunately. In my next post, we will continue with Nutrition, and discuss fats, carbohydrates, and sugars. As a prelude, begin thinking about the fact that, “Fats do not make us fat...refined sugars and carbohydrates from grains are what cause our body to produce and store fat.” Thanks for reading and please stay tuned.